Wk3 – Activity – Kickstarter

After browsing around the Kickstarter page, I found one that was interesting, cute, and different from the other ones. I though the Kickstarter page was for young adults but apparently not because it’s for all ages. Sophia, a 4-year-old girl launched her Kickstarter with the help of her parents to raise money for her future college degree. Her parents see a huge passion in her for art and enjoys giving out her artwork to people. Her parents hope to raise $1000 or more for sophia, so she can follow her dream in becoming a big artist.

Sophia’s Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1970581143/4-year-old-creates-art-for-her-future-education?ref=category

My Kickstarter.

I am a barber, and my kickstarter is based on getting help in buying a new hair clipper.


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