Wk3 – Artist Interview – Patricia Rangel

This past week the art gallery was something different than what I expected. I First walked into the old technology room, in which I was very impressed with the amount of old technology that I saw. The artist wasn’t present for an interview, so I walked into the second gallery and it was completely different to what i thought art was. I soon approached Patricia, who was the artist, to help me figure out her art work.

Patricia Rangel was born and raised in a town called Dinuba, California. She explained that her art work was based on her memories and experiences from her hometown. She gather the dirt from different places in San Joaquin Valley. Some of the dirt came from the her parents backyard, her grandpas ranch, and even from her sisters graveyard. The one that interested me the most was a small cube of dirt. Patricia explained that she took dirt from her sisters grave yard, added a gold item and compressed it together. Then she scraped it together until the cube was form and the gold was viewable. So far this semester, Patricia’s art work has impressed me the most. I thought it was very unique for her to express her childhood in that certain way.



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