Wk4 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

M.S. artThis past Thursday, I walked into the art gallery and I notice Maccabee Shelley’s art sculpture all over the room. The first thing that came into my head was, “Are these Kryptonites?” I caught myself giggling, but amazed by his artwork. While growing up, I was a huge Superman fan, and kryptonite was the rock from Superman’s home planet that made him weak. Kryptonite was a green glowing crystal, similar to one of Shelley’s artwork. Shelley’s artwork brought back a childhood memory, so I decided to talk to him for a bit. Shelley stated that most of his artwork is made from glass bottles, but also from different glass material that can get pricy. Also, as he worked on his projects, he had to be very careful. As he works on his projects, he likes that fact that he can shape it to whatever he would like, but at times, the project it self shapes on its own. He also enjoys when audience create their own ideas and imagination about the artwork. After seeing his work, I would probably try doing his artwork one day.


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