Wk4 – Classmate Interview – Sara Kodesh


On Thursday, I saw this young lady struggling to get a copy of her ID for attendance. None of the copy printers were working. We went around the library looking for a printer that worked, but we had no luck. Finally, we decided to go straight to the CSULB printing station, where we were able to get a copy of our ID’s. After we solved our problem, we both took the chance to meet each other. Her name was Sara Kodesh, who is a Junior, Fashion Merchandise Major at Long Beach State. She is 22 years young and currently working full time at Nordstrom. On her free time, she likes to web surfing and browsing through blogs of different designers to get more ideas on fashion. She also loves going hiking, and her favorite part of hiking is when she finishes a long hike. It makes her feel a lot better about her self, and very accomplished. But, if she wants to take a day off, you’ll find her at the beach. She enjoys the beach because it is very relaxing. The sound of the water helps her stress go away, and have a positive vibes. As she focuses on the water, she digs her feet into the sand because it feels like a pedicure. At the end of the interview, I asked her if I can take a picture of her next to her favorite artwork from the galleries, and she picked out her favorite Shelley’s art sculptures.


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