Wk5 – Activity – Counterfactual


For this activity I decided to dress up in business attire and go out to the Ghetto of Long Beach. I wanted to see the reactions I got from people around the area and see if I got treated or seen differently.

I first walked into Jack in the Box (7th and Atlantic) and I got greeted right away and treated with a lot of respect. Normally they never greet people and when they take your order, it seems like they want to quite their job. The customers looked at me like if I was lost or in the wrong side of the town. After Jack in the Box and I went to the nearest bus stop where some people were hanging out and I asked them how their days was going. Some were under the influence and the funniest respond i got was, “Are you an undercover cop or detective, if so, leave us the fu*k alone!” I was really shocked and rapidly explained them the project and the assignment. They laughed about it. Right after they asked me for some spare change and sadly I didn’t have any.

From this project I learned that your appearance can change the way someone looks at you. I enjoyed this project even though it was sketchy that some people thought I was an undercover cop.


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