Wk6 – Artist Interview – Angel Franco


Today, I really enjoyed Angel G. Franco, Juan Martin, and Isiah Ulloa art work. Since Angel was the only one who showed up, I had the honor to have a conversation with. While talk to him, it was very interesting because he claim that his art work did not have a specific meaning to his art. He prefer the audience to observe the work and imagine what ever they would like. The one i liked the most was the snow sculpture of Angle’s body. Angle said that the snow body was his size except it was 3 inches smaller. The material he used to make it look like snow was foam. he mention it was different type of foam but that he said it was okay to say it was just foam. What I got from his project was depression. It seemed like their was some one lonely with no one to help him. It looked like a person had no one to rely on so he froze to death. My thoughts on this projects sounds a little depressed but that’s what I got from Angle’s art work. Angle was such a great guy and I wish him luck in his success.


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