Wk6 – Classmate Interview – Diana Vasquez

Today I met a young lady names Diana Vasquez. She’s a Film major at California State University, Long Beach. Diana is planning on switching her major or minor in Business later in her second year of college. Her dream school was the University of Souther California, but due to her finical reasons she couldn’t attend USC.

Both of her parents are from Mexico. Her dad was born in San Luis and her mother is from Michoacan. Her parents came to the United States so they can give their children a better life. When Diana was small, she was enrolled in a Private Elementary school where she was taught to be fluent in English, Spanish, and Sign Language. Diana is has two younger brothers who she loves and helps them in school.

Diana was born and raised in Artesia, California, and attended Artesia High School. In high school, she played 2 years of soft ball and 2 years of yearbook. In year book, she was the President and the editor. As a hobby, she loves to write about random things and she loves taking pictures of life.

Diana and myself where shy to take a picture together, so we didn’t take a picture.


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