Wk7 – Artist Interview – Colette Brown

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 11.09.56 PM

For this week artist I met Colette Brown, a senior at California State University, Long Beach. She is an Art major and minoring in Psychology. Her art work was very interesting becuase it reminded me of when i made a globe from corn starch, a balloon and water but her project was alot different. She claimed her idea was random but it came from a project she had for one of her classes. Her assignment was to create a replica from a frog stomach. Although her project was not to a frog stomach to be exact, is just something she brought to live from her head. The materials she used for her assignment was burlap and plaster. that was to creat the form. She first worked on one half and then worked on the second half seperate. After she conected them and put them together with plaster. She added different food, like strawberry jam and chocolate to give it a different view and see what students thought about it. At some point she mention if i get near by them, it would smell. Some sure did smell really bad.


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