Wk12 – Activity Feedback

My Top Three:
1. Out of all of the activities, Plaster Casting was my favorite one. I thought it would be stupid and it seemed like a grade school project, but i actually enjoyed it. I had a great time going out with my buddy to Seal Beach and working on it. I was upset i couldn’t join the class on Saturday morning due to work, but i still had a good time with my friend.

2. Painting project was also my favorite one. I’ve always been into graffiti art, and i joined this class because of that activity. The only down part about this project was that the walls are only open on Saturday and Sunday. I couldn’t make it out there, so I had Rachel Price join me and work on it at home.

3. My third favorite activity was teaching one. I really enjoy talking about my artwork (other may see it as a job), and I got so into talking about it. It was difficult to explain it well, but i provided my email for those who had any questions.

Bottom Three:

I didn’t hate the following, but i didn’t really enjoy doing them.

3. Counterfactual Activity. It took too much time to dress up and undress back to normal just to go out to the sketchy streets of Long Beach. Some people reaction weren’t very nice at times. It was probably my fault for picking that location.

2. VBlog. I’m camera shy, but hey, who’s not. Talking in front of a camera may not be the best for me.

1.Landscapes. I think it wasn’t bad at all but students should feel free to capture any moment they’ll like to capture. (sunset picture, ice cream shop visit picture, skyline picture, etc.)

I though this class was fun and outgoing over all. Lectures may seem a little too long. An idea that came to my mind maybe to have a social time at the end or beginning of lecture class so classmates can feel more comfortable with each other and they can share their stories during lectures. Classmates won’t be shy if they get to meet every one.


I tried emailing you a couple of times and you didn’t get back to me. It seems like you updated everyones points except for my points. Since I’m receiving your emails, it might just be a problem with my email.

What I’ve been trying to tell you is that i never got credit for Week 9 activity VBlogs. I did the activity on time and created a post on my blog but I never got credit for it. It’s still up and working if you’ll like to check. The only problem was that I must of misplaced the video and i didn’t added it on my About Me section; I only posted the video on my Week 9 activity post.

Also, I couldn’t make it out for the 1st Thursday of the semester and you told me to do 2 post about 2 different classmates and 2 different artist for week 2 so i can receive and make up for the the points for week 1. I never got my credit for Wk 1 points. I was wondering if you can check that out for me.

Lastly, I was absent on Tuesday 9/16/2014 due to a court. I wasn’t out of court until 11:30am and it was too late for me to make it to Long Beach on time. I was wondering if it count as an excuse absent. Here’s my court confirmation date to provide prove.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.07.15 PM

Thank you for a great semester and your time.


Oscar Rocha



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