My name is Oscar Ivan Rocha and I am a 3rd year at California State University, Long Beach. I am currently pursuing a degree in Sociology and a minor in Marketing. Although I wanted to attend San Diego State University, but I couldn’t due to financial reasons, my life has gone the right direction ever since I came to Long Beach. Once I came to Long Beach, it only got better. On my first semester of freshman year, I joined the Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) because I was first a Criminal Justice major. Being apart of CJSA helped me become involved in school and meet great people. On my second semester of freshman year, I decided to get more involve on campus so I decided to join the greek system. On May 5th, 2013, I got initiated into the best brotherhood there is, Kappa Sigma. Being a Kappa Sigma has helped me become a true gentleman, be courageous towards what I want to achieve, becoming more social, gain connections, help within the community, being a leader and so much more. Since this is an art class, I decided to use Banksy art work for my background because I really enjoy his art work and graffiti. I’m not good at it since I have not practice it as much as i would like but I enjoy driving around the city of Los Angeles and coming across some of Banksy artwork, murals, and graffiti art. On my free time, and to relieve stress, I sketch out my own art on my book. It’s nothing as good as what you’ll see in the city, but here is some of my art work:


Now, why am I writing about myself and not about a classmate or an artist? Well, joining Art 110 was never my plan. I have so many other classes I should be worrying about, but, there’s something about art that helps me relieve stress. On the first week of school I decided to check out Art 110. After professor Zucman finished talking about the semester, I was hooked right away. I’m looking forward to all the projects we’re going to work on throughout out the semester.

So before I even enrolled in this class, I had made an appointment for August 28, 2013 at 10:00am and I couldn’t skip out on it, or move the dates due to a deposit money that I had placed for that morning. Thanks to Professor Zucman, he understood my situation so to make up for week 1, he’s having me interview 2 classmates and 2 artist on week 2.

Lastly, I wrote a brief summary about myself for those who came across my blog so I wouldn’t have a blank page. Blank pages are boring.


Oscar Rocha



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