Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Wesley Hick’s

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Wesley Hick’s e art work had interesting pieces that included small-scale ceramic objects and mixed media. Hick’s concept and idea behind his art work was really interesting. He’s main focus is to engage people into his art work and make them think about his art. His main goal is to get people to find interest in art in general and the value of art. The main materials he used for his art gallery was paint, ceramics, and other objects to obtain something old and create it in to something new. I like the fact that his displaces his art in a different way for people to have their own perspective in art; which that’s his main goal.

The image above is one of his art pieces and it is probably one that i really like. I think it has a crazy view and reminds me of something that can come from the universe. It’s like some robotic cubes buried into a fury planet. It some how reminds me of transformers. I hope Hick’s has a great success as an artist.


Wk10 – Activity – Landscape

This week our activity was pretty much to capture a moment of our life. I enjoyed this one because it gave me the chance to appreciate what’s around me. I might have some old pictures but they mean a lot to me.

This first image is me (#74) on the football field vs. Bell High School. Playing football was the first step into turning my life around and actually doing something good, something positive, and something productive in my life that showed me disciplined for the future.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.05.40 AM
The second image is where I’ve spent a lot of my time through out college. The Kappa Sigma House. Many people will only see a “Frat” house, a place where people party and get drunk. Those are the stereotypes, but in reality, they have no idea what it actually means to be a Kappa Sigma. Being a Kappa Sigma has helped me in numerous ways and will keep helping me through out life.

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Wk10 – Artist Interview


This week I met an artist name Dana. She is currently a senior at on her 9th semester at California State University, Long Beach. She’s also an Art Major who is just about to graduate. After graduation, she’s really not sure what she’s going to focus on. She became an Art major because she’s always had a passion for art. Since she was small, she like painting and drawing. Most of her ideas today come from what she created when she was a little girl. Today, she enjoys doing different kind of sculptures and it’s something she enjoys doing a lot. For her recent art projects her main materials where sequence and flack and her ideas came from when she was a little girl. I really enjoyed her art and hopefully she keeps doing what she loves to do. Good luck Dana!

Wk10 – Classmate Interview – Vanessa Carbajal

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This week I met a young lady named Vanessa Carbajal who lives in Garden Grove. She is currently a senior at California State University, Long Beach. She already walk stage and take her last classes this semester. She graduated as a Fashion Merchandize and currently working as a intern at Hybrid Apparel Company. She’s hoping to stay with that company after her internship is over. She is also 26 years old and has a 5 year-old son. She enjoys going to disneyland with her son all the time. On her free time, she enjoys running the streets of Los Angeles. She also runs marathons and half marathons. Besides running she enjoys reading books and also collecting records. In high school she played softball. Although she enjoyed it, she’s not really into sports.

Wk9 – Artist Interview

This week I saw a different type of art and i found some pretty interesting. One of them was a hairy vagina tissue box. I feel that it took a lot of people to see the vagina since it was a little high. I wish i was able to interview the artist, but i didn’t find him. I have no clue what the artist was trying to say through his art work but it was very interesting.


The second project that i found interesting was the McDonalds project. It was a bunch of burgers, trash, and fries surrounded by candles and white roses. This project pretty much said that junk food leads to death.


Wk9 – Classmate Interview – Craig Wigboldy

This past week i met Craig Wigboldy through Grant, the guy who I interview last week. Craig and Grant grew up together and still are best friends in college. Craig went to Valley Christian High School. In high school he played volleyball and he played some football. Craig’s favorite hobby is to snowboard and hang out with friends. He’s not much into surfing, but once in a while he goes out to surf. He also enjoys any type of music but is not really into country. Craig is also a big fan of Volkswagen cars and he use to own a volkswagen van. He currently works in a apartment under management and all he does in paint walls. Craig is currently a 3rd year here and California State University, of Long Beach as a pre-nursing major but is soon transferring school to another school that offer him a better nursing program. His plan is to work in a hospital to prepare patients for surgery. I wish you luck in your future Craig.

Wk 8 – Activity – ePortfolio

This week the activity was interesting because I felt that I was able to express myself through social media. I focused my page on what revolves around me. The reason i focused the page based on me was because there’s a lot more to me than just a major. My audiences are students who go to CSULB and targets freshmen who are confused about majors and school it’s self. I kept the same back ground because I really like it.

Before, it was just a plain activity page.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.09.03 PM

After, I added the other pages (Home, Sociology, Barbering) to describe my life.

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Wk8 – Artist Interview – Kiyomi Fukui


This artwork is pretty interesting because it has to do with life. For his art work, he showed soil everywhere on a desk with little plants coming out. In my perspective, the little plants symbolize life, while the soil symbolizes what helps the plant grow in it’s cycle.

Fukui talks about life and death. How death means that life comes to an end, but also keeps another life cycle going. He shared a story about the time he came across a bird while it was dying and how he watch the bird pass away. Although it was just a bird, it still made me a little sad, because I’ve experience someone pass away. I rather not share the story on social media, but if you talk to me in person, I would probably share it.

Wk8 – Classmate Interview – Grant Christensen


This week I had the chance to meet Grant Christensen. He is a sophomore at California State University, Long Beach. He is currently a Political Science major, but he’s looking forward in changing his major. Grant still looking around for a mojor that best fits him. Grant graduated Valley Christian High School, where he played soccer and volleyball. Grant is currently employed at Outback Steak House as a bus boy. Aside from academics and work, he enjoys hearing every type of music but he can not stand country. He also enjoys surfing. He’s been surfing for the past seven years and enjoys it every time. On the winter time, he loves going snowboarding. Grant was such a chill dude and i wish him luck on his success.