Wk15 – Classmate Interview – Marlyn Castillo

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This week I met a young Lady named Marlyn Castillo. I was really interested in meeting her because she mention we were from the same city, Huntington Park, Los Angeles, California. Not many students from our area go to 4 year colleges, so when i do hear a student say they are from Huntington Park, it makes me smile. So Marlyn is currently a 2nd year in California State University, Long Beach. She is currently 21 years old, and she’s an older 2nd year because she took an educational leave her first year in college. She started as a social work major but recently switched it to health science. She commutes everyday from Huntington Park, and i give her props because after my 1st year in college, i stopped commuting and moved to Long Beach. She currently works for Payless Shoes and for her hobbies, she enjoys playing volleyball and soccer.


Wk15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville

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This week the gallery of Troy Rounseville was very interesting. It mainly focused on how our emotions will change over time because we depend on technology a lot. Technology has had a great impact on everyones life and we sometimes are not aware of how much it affects our lives. Year ago, we communicated faced to face, a call away, or a written letter. Today, socializing is done through electronics and social media. Troy’s work shows how fast technology changes and how easy everything is for us now. All of the wires in this one piece shows the handwork and time that he took too make things work. i think over this gallery was really cool and it made me realize that we even use computers for our assignments, when back then everything was hand written. I honestly don’t think technology is bad, but it’s definitely changed our habits. Aside from that, Troy’s gallery was awesome and I wish him luck in his future.

Wk13 – Classmate Interview – Rachel Price

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This past semester I made friends with Rachel Price. In the beginning of the semester, I notice that Price and I had two classes together. Later on we found out that we had a mutual friend named Christian. Price and myself started socializing more and became lunch buddies because almost every Tuesday and Thursday we had lunch after Art110. Rachel Price is from Orange County who attended Los Alamitos High School. She is currently a second year here at California State University, Long Beach and she is majoring in psychology. Price really enjoys playing soccer, riding a skate board, hanging out with her buddies and participating in church events. What I found really interesting was that her dad is a fire fighter who is stationed in Huntington Park, the city were I was raised. Over all, she’s been a great friend and with this semester coming to an end, I’m going to miss Price.

Wk13 – Art Gallery

This past week I really enjoyed Gatov-West Gallery. A lot of the art work was very bright in colors and detailed. Also, i feel that the art work related to many peoples life and feelings and you can sense what the artist felt as they created a beautiful art piece.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.09.49 PM

This first painting right above is one of my favorite ones because it expresses the different elements (air, fire, earth, water) in this world. Not only that but it also expresses that there can be some dark, ugly days, but there will be light at the end of the day.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.09.59 PM

This second painting is really interesting because what i see is that even though you might think that you’re falling, you can be flying as well.

Wk12 – Activity Feedback

My Top Three:
1. Out of all of the activities, Plaster Casting was my favorite one. I thought it would be stupid and it seemed like a grade school project, but i actually enjoyed it. I had a great time going out with my buddy to Seal Beach and working on it. I was upset i couldn’t join the class on Saturday morning due to work, but i still had a good time with my friend.

2. Painting project was also my favorite one. I’ve always been into graffiti art, and i joined this class because of that activity. The only down part about this project was that the walls are only open on Saturday and Sunday. I couldn’t make it out there, so I had Rachel Price join me and work on it at home.

3. My third favorite activity was teaching one. I really enjoy talking about my artwork (other may see it as a job), and I got so into talking about it. It was difficult to explain it well, but i provided my email for those who had any questions.

Bottom Three:

I didn’t hate the following, but i didn’t really enjoy doing them.

3. Counterfactual Activity. It took too much time to dress up and undress back to normal just to go out to the sketchy streets of Long Beach. Some people reaction weren’t very nice at times. It was probably my fault for picking that location.

2. VBlog. I’m camera shy, but hey, who’s not. Talking in front of a camera may not be the best for me.

1.Landscapes. I think it wasn’t bad at all but students should feel free to capture any moment they’ll like to capture. (sunset picture, ice cream shop visit picture, skyline picture, etc.)

I though this class was fun and outgoing over all. Lectures may seem a little too long. An idea that came to my mind maybe to have a social time at the end or beginning of lecture class so classmates can feel more comfortable with each other and they can share their stories during lectures. Classmates won’t be shy if they get to meet every one.


I tried emailing you a couple of times and you didn’t get back to me. It seems like you updated everyones points except for my points. Since I’m receiving your emails, it might just be a problem with my email.

What I’ve been trying to tell you is that i never got credit for Week 9 activity VBlogs. I did the activity on time and created a post on my blog but I never got credit for it. It’s still up and working if you’ll like to check. The only problem was that I must of misplaced the video and i didn’t added it on my About Me section; I only posted the video on my Week 9 activity post.

Also, I couldn’t make it out for the 1st Thursday of the semester and you told me to do 2 post about 2 different classmates and 2 different artist for week 2 so i can receive and make up for the the points for week 1. I never got my credit for Wk 1 points. I was wondering if you can check that out for me.

Lastly, I was absent on Tuesday 9/16/2014 due to a court. I wasn’t out of court until 11:30am and it was too late for me to make it to Long Beach on time. I was wondering if it count as an excuse absent. Here’s my court confirmation date to provide prove.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.07.15 PM

Thank you for a great semester and your time.


Oscar Rocha


Wk12 – Artist Interview – Lacy

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This past week, I enjoyed watching Lacy’s artwork around her gallery. She had so many different art pieces but the one I found most interesting was the drawing with the different pinecones and other things you find in the park. That art piece was called Faith in Fractals. Her main materials was ink, gouache on paper that was 4 by 80 inches and her awesome talent. Her details are so outstanding and her shading was what made her art piece stand out. I really enjoy drawing and shading is what brings a drawing to life. Until this day, I’m still learning how to shade. Lacy’s artwork was my favorite one for this past week. She holds an awesome talent and I wish her luck in her career.

Wk12 – Classmate Interview – Uriel and Kelsey

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.36.09 AMScreen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.35.42 AM

This week I was lucky to meet two people at the same time. I’ve never thought about knocking a group interview, but it worked out well. Starting off with Uriel, Uriel is a 2nd year here at California State University, Long Beach who commutes from Compton, California. We seem to be living near by since I’m from Huntington Park. He is currently undeclared but planning to make up his mind soon. The reason he picked Long Beach was because he has two older sisters who attend Long Beach and commuting for them is a lot easier. He really enjoy animals and owns two dogs and a couple of roosters. He’s main hobby is playing and watching soccer, and also working on cars.

Kelsey Aparicio is also a 2nd year here at California State University, Long Beach who commutes from Downey, California. She is currently a Kinesiology major and figuring what her focus will be in. She is 19th years young who will be turning 20 years old soon. Her main hobby is to work out, stay athletic, and is part of the Soccer Club Team here at Long Beach State. Besides playing soccer, she also enjoys reading books. I asked her to share a fun fact and she said she was left handed and she is the middle child. Something that we both have in common is that we’re both soccer fanatics and we’re both middle child’s.

I feel it was great meeting both of them at the same time because it helped us get a better conversation going. They were really cool and i hope i talk to them again.

Wk12 – Activity – Teach One

As we must of all learn this semester, art is not simply just a painting or a drawing; it can be a sculpture or a big project. My type of art is barbering. Clippers, shears, and straight blades are my main materials for my art piece. And so it begins:

First off, you must be confident in yourself and be willing to just do it. Understand that mistakes happen all the time, but under the supervision of a great experience barbers, everything can be fixed.

This following picture shows the guide lines to fading, also know as tapering. It might be very confusing but in order to fade, you must start from the lower size number and work your way up.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.33.31 AM

(Picture was taken from google to show the fade guide lines)

For example, this client seemed to ask for a zero on the sides and a 4 on top. What the barber usually does, he’s going to shave the sides with a zero, then make a size one out line, about an inch in hide. Then he’ll do a size two outline until it reaches the top number (in this case, the client ask for a four). To fade the two and the four together, you must uses the comb over clippers.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.07.20 AM

(Picture was taken from google to show clippers over comb)

To fade the zero into the one and then the two, the clipper has a size adjustment on the side. First you adjust it to a zero and slowly you make your way up to the size one. After, you’ll add a clip, size one, and you make your way of adjusting the clipper until the one is faded with the two.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.18.14 AM

(After fading the zero into the one, the one into the two, and the two and the four with comb over clippers, this is how your results look like at the end. This photo was taken from google.)

It might be impossible for you to turn into a professional barber with this post, but if you’re considering in becoming on, feel free to contact me: rochaoscar99@yahoo.com.

Since i used pictures from google to show you some steps how to fade, now I should show you my art work.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.22.31 AM

This is a picture of me working on my friend Sean Zent.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.16.53 AM

This was the after math.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.48.29 AM

This is a picture of me using the straight blade on my friend Nelson.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.17.34 AM

Nelson after math.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.16.34 AM

 Before and after picture of Blake Jones.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.50.36 AM

Combover haircut on Caleb Kim.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.27.07 AM

My little friend from the Barber Shop.

Wk 11 – Activity – Anything we’ll like to do!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.00.12 AMScreen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.59.55 PM

This week we were able to pick our own activity. On Wednesday night I sat down on my couch thinking what I should do for my activity. I was tempted to redo the graffiti activity, but I had no time to go to Venice Beach on the weekend because I work. Nothing came to mind so I told myself I’ll think about it the next day.
During my long lecture, I sat down, hearing the professor talk non-stop about research methods or Greek mythology and in front of me, I have my note pad and either a pen or a pencil. I go on writing notes and notes until then I get distracted because i find my self doodle drawing. I go on drawing as the clock runs through the lecture. I escape this world and I enter my own little world. It can either be dark or bright, but just drawing anything on a note pad makes me feel relief. It helps me think. It helps me focus on my goals. It helps me forget about my problems. It helps me deal with my stress. It helps me get over my anxiety. It helps find myself when i feel lost. It helps me remember those who I have lost and those who are around me. It’s crazy to know that a simple note pad and pen can help me find myself when I feeling down or reliefs me from all the stress. Once I comeback from my own world, I notice I created nice drawings.
This picture above was once of my lates doodle draw I did durring my past lectures. I draw, and keep on drawing until the page is filled. Then I’ll flip the page and continue drawing.


Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Steven Le

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.02.12 AM

This past week i met a young man named after Steven Le. Le is a freshman here at California State University, Long Beach. He was born and raised in Westminster, a city right near by Garden Grove. Steven Le commutes every day to school and he say’s he sometimes enjoys it, but other times it gets a little out of hand due to traffic. Steven Le is currently a computer enginer major, which he shows to have a passion for. He is currently unemployed but he’s looking forward in becoming a Math tutor here on campus next semester, if not, until his sophmore year in college. He enjoys math so much that he loves teach other kids and helping those who struggle in it. Le can tutor anyone from simple algebra, all the way to statistics and calculus. Aside from school and jobs, he enjoys playing video games. He doesn’t have a favorite one becuase anygame he plays, he gets hook on it. When he’s not playing games, he’s watching television. le enjoys watching everthint that comes out on TV. It can be anthing from reality shows, to cartoons. Aside from televison, Steven Le enjoyed playing volleyball in high school. He doesn’t play it as much as he would like, but whe ever he has the chance, he’ll play. Anyways, I wish Steven Le goodluck in school and hope he has a succesfull future.